Call for Proposals

Traveling Research Seminar on Afro-Latin American Art


About the Project:

We seek to constitute a transnational research network of scholars interested in Afro-Latin American Art through a traveling research seminar, generously funded by the Getty Foundation through its Connecting Art Histories initiative, that will visit Argentina and Uruguay (2020), Brazil (2021) and, depending on future funding, Colombia (2022). Participants will discuss relevant texts, share research results, and visit sites of interest. The seminar is open to advanced doctoral students (who have completed their comprehensive exams), junior (2014 or later PhD), and mid-career scholars, as well as junior curators and artists interested in the field. We will select participants working on a variety of countries, styles, and time periods. We seek to highlight the contributions of currently unknown or poorly known Afrodescendant artists from the region; to publish an edited volume that serves as a statement of the field and its promises; to stimulate new scholarship and new courses on Afro-Latin American Art, at Harvard and at other universities across the Americas; and to organize an itinerant art exhibit on contemporary Afro-Latin American Art that brings visibility to this production and to the field of study. Through this program, we hope to consolidate Afro-Latin American Art as a discernible field of study and to generate much needed attention and interest from scholars, art history departments, curators, art critics, collectors, and museums.


  • PhD Candidates
  • Junior Scholars (2014 PhD or later)
  • Mid-Career Scholars
  • Junior curators and artists who have demonstrated an interest on the field

For the purpose of this project, our initial, preliminary definition of Afro-Latin American art includes the artistic production of Afrodescendants; artistic expressions that claim to have links to African or African-based traditions, as well as representations of blacks in Latin America since colonial times, regardless of the personal circumstances of the artist.

How to Apply:

  1. Fill in the Application form:
  2. Attach the following documents:
    1. Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max)
    2. Statement that describes your research interests in this field (600 words max)
    3. Letter of Recommendation

You can use English, Spanish and/or Portuguese to apply.

You must submit your COMPLETE application by March 1, 2020.

Selected Applicants

Selected applicants (15) will be contacted by email (please be mindful of your email address on your application form) by April 15, 2020 and will commit to the project for three years.

The First Seminar will meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay on June 22-27, 2020. The Afro-Latin American Research Institute will cover your airfare, lodging, and local transportation to Montevideo, Uruguay. Details about Seminars in Brazil and Colombia will be sent to participants in timely manner.


  1. Can I write my statement in one language and get the letter of recommendation in other?


2. Does Bibliography count in the word limit for the proposal?

Your written text should not exceed 600 words.

3. Do you have any model for the letter of support?

There is no model for the letter of support. Every research is unique and so is the relationship between the advisor and her advisee. Nonetheless, we ask you to explain the contribution of your research to Afro-Latin American Art.



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